Monday, April 18, 2011

Purring and Purraying on Mancat Monday

O hai! As yew know, I is a big mancat and has bin fur too yeers nao. As a part of mine Holey Weak dis-ci-pul-lin, and as it is Mancat Mundae, I wuld like to purr and purray for dose man cats dat haf speshul needs and purrayers. Will yoo join me ?

Bubbles has lymphoma, and is enjoying his final days doing what he luvs to do: en-joying the sun; eating tim-tay-shuns and snuggling wif his Mom Cecilia. Let's purr and purray fur him, if yoo are so mooved, send a card. Nuffin' big, and KC haz his address. Check da Cat Blogosfear for da linky to KC's e-mail address.

Bubbles still enjoying life.

Ginger Jasper is in needs of our purrs and purrayers. He iz not eating as well as he culd so please send some healing prayers his way.

Yoo woofs are welcome to ggrrrrr for dese kitties. They wuld app-re-she-ate it.

The Admiral is also need of purrs and purrayers. He haz thigh-roid trubbles. That is not in hiz leggies but hiz neck! Sending some healing puurrayers your way, Admiral!

A number of kitties need furrevfur homes. They include: Handsome; Mr. Softee; and here are four kitties that need fur-efur homes.

Dere are man-ee more kitties that need purrs and purrayers. Da Cat Blogosphere has a furry full list. Please take time to join me in purring and purraying fur dem.

Puhleez puurayer for our sickie man cat furriends !


  1. You're a good mancat, doing this for your Holy Week devotion. We'll join you with offering our prayers and purrs as well.

  2. Harley and I will join you in purring for our friends in need. It is especially important during holey weak!

  3. We are purraying for all the sick kitties and those that need furever homes.

  4. Hi Galletta! What a great way to spend the Holy Week purring for the kitties who need it! We have been purring for them all. Bubbles is such a pretty kitty - our big brother Floyd had lymphoma too, and we know he was able to have a lot of good days with us and our mom with help from our friends, so we send purrs hoping they help him. And GJ and his eating - we hope he is just going though a phase like a few of the other CB kitties have - they started eating ok again after giving their moms a scare and weh hope that GJ is the same way. And Admiral, we are so hoping her meds help her out (oh yeah, Admiral is a ladycat, but that is ok because we get the genders mixed up all the time - mom even has done it with us a few times!) Galletta it is just so sweet of you to think of them, and very mancatly!

  5. You are a sweetheart! Thank you so much for your care and concern during Tristan's time of illness and blindness. We love you, furriend:)


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