Monday, April 18, 2011

Purring and Purraying on Mancat Monday

O hai! As yew know, I is a big mancat and has bin fur too yeers nao. As a part of mine Holey Weak dis-ci-pul-lin, and as it is Mancat Mundae, I wuld like to purr and purray for dose man cats dat haf speshul needs and purrayers. Will yoo join me ?

Bubbles has lymphoma, and is enjoying his final days doing what he luvs to do: en-joying the sun; eating tim-tay-shuns and snuggling wif his Mom Cecilia. Let's purr and purray fur him, if yoo are so mooved, send a card. Nuffin' big, and KC haz his address. Check da Cat Blogosfear for da linky to KC's e-mail address.

Bubbles still enjoying life.

Ginger Jasper is in needs of our purrs and purrayers. He iz not eating as well as he culd so please send some healing prayers his way.

Yoo woofs are welcome to ggrrrrr for dese kitties. They wuld app-re-she-ate it.

The Admiral is also need of purrs and purrayers. He haz thigh-roid trubbles. That is not in hiz leggies but hiz neck! Sending some healing puurrayers your way, Admiral!

A number of kitties need furrevfur homes. They include: Handsome; Mr. Softee; and here are four kitties that need fur-efur homes.

Dere are man-ee more kitties that need purrs and purrayers. Da Cat Blogosphere has a furry full list. Please take time to join me in purring and purraying fur dem.

Puhleez puurayer for our sickie man cat furriends !

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easy like Sunday morning or Soulful Sunday

O hai! I is so happee that yoo stopped bye to-dae. Me is in a con-tim-play-tif moood. It is da be-ginn-ing of what my beans call "Holey Week" so I is going to obserf this by purring and purraying not just foar my sole but for kitties in da Cat Bloggiesfear who are sick or other sitch-e-a-shuns.

Today I is furry mooved by da two new-borned kittens who were founded. As yoo kno, dey was founded still wif dere eyes un-opened and wif dere um-billy-i-cal cords attached. Dis makes mai eyes leak. I purr and purray dat some bean will take keer of dem.

I also want to purr and purray for my deer Souf Carolina freend, Sweet Praline. She has bin furry sickly and I hope that she will improof. All of us at Krasota Castle luv yoo, Praline!

I hope yoo will join me in purring and purraying for dese deer kitties.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Don't forget ......

the par-tay over at Alexi's bloggie! . There is LOTS of food and fun ! Really neat that Alexi is sharing her partay with those kitties who purrthday is TODAY!! SOOO hop on over to her blog and join the par-tay!!

Here iz a few of the yummy treats that await you over at her place.

Sah-mun- yummy!!

Milk! The bestest with purrthday cake !!

Purrthday cake- A CHEESE cake done kittee stile! Hehehehe!

Don't forget to drop by Alexi's purrfday party ! Look forward to seeing efurryone !

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Plannin' a surpurrrise!

Dad! Hey, Dad! Hey Ddddaaadddy! PPPppooooooopppp!

(Blu Cat Man) Yes, Galletta! I'm here! I can hear you.

Daddy, do yoo kno what tomorry is?

(Blu Cat Man) Yes, I do. Mombean and I have been talking about it.

Yoo haf? Whacha gonna dew? Kin I helpf yoo?

(Blu Cat Man). If I tell you, are you going to tell the birthday girl?

Purrfday girl? Me? Tell? Nefur!

(Blu Cat Man) We'll we plan to have food, drinks, those kitties of age will have nip martinis, nip cigars, you know.

O boy, o boy, o boy!

(Blu Cat Man) You, in the mean time, can invite all your friends!

I kno jus' how to dew that!!

(Blu Cat Man) But you can't tell Alexi!

I won't, I won't I' wont!

(Blu Cat Man) Okay, go tell your friends.


::::Blu Cat Man slaps hand to forehead::::


(P.S.) Da par-tay will begin later to-dae. We're still sleeping'!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Easy like Sunday mornin'

O hai! I is glad you came by to see me. I luv bisiters. As yoo kno, as da weather gets warmur, we luvs to lay on da porch in da warm sunny lite. I likes to lay owt on da porch and nom my freends' ears.

Howefur, to-dae it is kewl owtside dis mornin' and we had horriblific fundersturms last nite. We might haf to spend da dae in da howse.

Bummer. How are yoo goin' to spend yoor dae?

Friday, April 8, 2011

Floofy Friday and No Fun in the Garden!!

How is it dat da beans go owtside to play in the garden--and don't let me snoopervise. Bast! It's not fair and I is not a happee camper. I think I will deposit some floof in deer fud.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Society of Feline Gardeners-In the garden with Galletta

O Hai All,
It is time for my first postie now that I am a member of the Soo-sigh-ity of Feeline Gardnurs. I fink the backyard with its wide open spaces is MY territory!! I am feeline master of the backyard!!

Here iz some pichurs of the back yard!

Three Bradferd Pair trees.
Da beans are finking of cutting down the middle one.

Looking towards the neighbor's yard

Our big pecan tree. Yes, it doo haz nuts in da fall.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tummy Tuesday!

O Hai All,
Time for anofur tummy toosday postie frum yours truly, Galletta the floofmaster! ENJOY!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Easy like Sunday morning-A Study in Sleepin'

O hai!
Yoo kno, we kitties likes to lay and sleep in diff'rent places. Too-day I iz going to sho you where we kitties haf been seen sleepin'. I calls it "A Study in Sleepin' ".

Some like to sleep on da porch. Here Gabrielle gets comfy.

These two kittens like to hide under da tablecof.

Dis black Russian likes to sleep awl curled up on da bed.

Dis kitty likes to hide in da cat tree before a nap!

Alexi likes to sleep in her cuddlier.

Or rest wif her chin on da com-poot-er

Or look in da clothes hamper for a good napping spot.

or take a nap in her fav-vor-rite baskit.

I likes to sleep on da bed.

Den it's time to wake up, ree-awhwange one's self and do it again.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Photo Hunter: Closed

Today's Photo Hunt theme is "Closed". I hated closed doors. Behinded closed doors are two fings: my cat buddies or the way to go outside. Mmmooooooommm, puul-leez to open the door.
Pul-leez? Purty Pul-leezer??

Friday, April 1, 2011

Floofy Friday and Fun in the Garden!!

Oh Hai!
G here wif some GRATE news! First of all it is Floofy Friday which of course means another picture of your own floofmaster- MOI!!! Also, Mombean founded out about the Society of Feeline Gardeners. Well it is ABOUT time! I haf been trying to telling her about how much I want to go outside!! NOW she bee-leafs me. Just becuz Alexi told her..... she beeleafed her but NOOO, did she beeleaf me when *I* told her how much I wanted to go outside??? NOOOOOO! WAH! Not fair!

Mombean: Ok G- end of whine/rant. This is not Whiny Wednesday! Just pick a picture, OK??

Yes, mombean! Ok here is a picture of my floofiness- ENJOY!!