Sunday, March 18, 2012

O hai!  Dis past week, I spent several days mai buddie, Teddy.  He is a good cat and luvs his romps about da howse.  O, I also saw my homies, Midnight, A.J., and B.J.  Midnight and I haf sumo wrestling matches and he is so big dat he frytens me.

O, I must report dat Mia our 6 month old kittens is a mess.  She always beats me to da toys when da beans
throw dem.

Dad Blu Cat Man is a whack job.  I accompany him when he's bathing and he always gifs me a shower.  He does luvs me up.  Mom bean always luvs me.  She makes room for me on da bed.

I will try to post photos later.  Come see me!