Sunday, April 3, 2011

Easy like Sunday morning-A Study in Sleepin'

O hai!
Yoo kno, we kitties likes to lay and sleep in diff'rent places. Too-day I iz going to sho you where we kitties haf been seen sleepin'. I calls it "A Study in Sleepin' ".

Some like to sleep on da porch. Here Gabrielle gets comfy.

These two kittens like to hide under da tablecof.

Dis black Russian likes to sleep awl curled up on da bed.

Dis kitty likes to hide in da cat tree before a nap!

Alexi likes to sleep in her cuddlier.

Or rest wif her chin on da com-poot-er

Or look in da clothes hamper for a good napping spot.

or take a nap in her fav-vor-rite baskit.

I likes to sleep on da bed.

Den it's time to wake up, ree-awhwange one's self and do it again.


  1. MOL dat is certainly a pawsome study in sleep - it has made us want to find a place to nap now.

    Fanks fer my Happy Burpday!

    I is Jake!!

  2. Our mom is always amazed at the strange sleeping places we manage to find!

  3. PURRS! Evfurry space I fits is a good sleepy spot. MOL --Luna & Zulu

  4. Strange sleeping places are usually the most comfortable!

  5. Awwww, you all look so cute sleeping.


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