Friday, April 1, 2011

Floofy Friday and Fun in the Garden!!

Oh Hai!
G here wif some GRATE news! First of all it is Floofy Friday which of course means another picture of your own floofmaster- MOI!!! Also, Mombean founded out about the Society of Feeline Gardeners. Well it is ABOUT time! I haf been trying to telling her about how much I want to go outside!! NOW she bee-leafs me. Just becuz Alexi told her..... she beeleafed her but NOOO, did she beeleaf me when *I* told her how much I wanted to go outside??? NOOOOOO! WAH! Not fair!

Mombean: Ok G- end of whine/rant. This is not Whiny Wednesday! Just pick a picture, OK??

Yes, mombean! Ok here is a picture of my floofiness- ENJOY!!


Hai! I luvs comments! Purrs and headbumpies to you!!