Sunday, April 10, 2011

Easy like Sunday mornin'

O hai! I is glad you came by to see me. I luv bisiters. As yoo kno, as da weather gets warmur, we luvs to lay on da porch in da warm sunny lite. I likes to lay owt on da porch and nom my freends' ears.

Howefur, to-dae it is kewl owtside dis mornin' and we had horriblific fundersturms last nite. We might haf to spend da dae in da howse.

Bummer. How are yoo goin' to spend yoor dae?


  1. We hope your storms are gone now and you can enjoy your nice weather again! We're supposed to have warmer weather today so we hope the windows get opened and we can whiff some fresh air!

  2. I have not been out in my Outdoor Funhouse in ages! ::gives hard look to Mommeh::

  3. I plan to spend the day snoozing by the heater.

  4. We still waitin to see the duckies in our backyard...maybe this weekend!

  5. It's lovely to see you two cats together! Thanks so much for your message about Archie, it's awful to lose him so suddenly but it does help to know people care xx


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