Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

All of us at da Kastle wuld like to remember those who fought to preserve our freedom and protect our country, and those who gave their lives in its defense.

For all who are serving and all who have served may there be fair winds and following seas and faith in the eternal Father, always strong to save.

We give a special thought and prayer for our beans' fathers,

World War II U.S. Navy veterans, and members of "the Greatest Generation."

May they rest in peace.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

LIZARDS at Kastle Trassing!

Watch out! daisy and Harley brotted lizards from Florida!! YIKES! They is efurrywhere!


O hai! We haf' cellybrated Mallory's and Olivia's purrfday; we haf giffen gifties and oohed and aahhed ofur Katie and her kyoot kittens; there's only one fing left on the agenda for da weekend--KASTLE TRASSIN'! So today feel free to pull down da curtains; run in, arownd, and on da beans while they are sleeping. My beans invariably take a nap on Sunday afternoon. They should nap oftener. We haf ceeling fans on which yew can ryde. Don't furget to knock books off shelves.

We haf plenty of beverages, foods, an nip left. Let's finish dose off, too!


Honey baked chick-hen!!

Chocolate cake for da beans when they wake from dere nap!

Fresh nip!
Cheese! Could someone remove da words?

Nip tea!!

And let's DANCEDANCEDANCE like my goodest furiend, Billy Sweefeets Norton Gingersnap!

Efurry one haf fun today,
Efurry one wang chun today!!!!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Katie's kitten shower!

O Hai All,
Katie's kitten shower is ofur at Alexi's bloggie. There should be pictures and perhaps a few treats left ofour from yesserday's party. Hope to see some furriends ofurr there for the shower.

Katie and kitten shower update

Shower for Katie and kittens will be this afternoon (1-6 PM EDST). In part cuz da beans need to clean up from the party yesterday! And take lots of cute pics of de bebehs. Drop by to see how cute the kittens have gotted. Katie looks good but her figger has changed with mommyhood- LOL! We will have plenty of pictures and perhaps a few treats. Gifts are optional.

Wevfur news! The rain has stopped and the sun is shining! Yah!

Looking forward to seeing our furriends dis afternoon.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Weafur update for party!

O Hai All,
It iz thunddy stormin all dis afernoon. SO bee careful when telly porting over to da Castle for our partays. Don't let that keep you from coming. Lots of food and drink at bof partays!!

It's Mallory's and Olivia's purrfday

O hai! Wel-cum to the partee! To-dae as yoo kno, we iz cellybratin Olivia's purrfdae. Mallory's purrfday is being celebrated at the Kastle Cats bloggie. Don't ferget to go dere, too!!!
Here is the puurthday girl! Lovely Olivia who gist turned three years old!!

On to the part-tay! FOODS!
Here is part of the buffet spread ! YUMMY !!
Take a plate and dig in ! There will be plenty of
food and drinks here at da Castle.

Roasted lamb! For all us carneevors! YUM-O!

Real live ded shrimps!! Totally yummy!

Baked whole Sah-mun !!

Loin of Tooon-ah! Extra YUMMY!

We have nip brandy for us gentelmen cats.
Ladies can enjoy a nip mar-teen-i,

Or they, or anee-one else may enjoy other types of mar-teen-i of dere choice.

Youngsters haf milk.

We also haf iced tee wif a refreshing bit of mint or sassafrass (try saying dat three times fast).

Is not this the KEWL EST puurthday cake around?? We luv the cheese and meeces!
Sorry, no toasting Olivia. She iz too young!!

We haf cat trees! YEAH!

Once exhausted from playin, we haf lots of places for yew to bed down for da week-end.

We is so glad yoo is heer!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The weekend egg-strav-a-gain-za

O hai! As yoo kno, we is plannin' a big weak-end of celly-brakin' of Mallory's purrfday, a kitten shower for Katie and her babies (I did not kno kittens liked showers, did yoo?), and, bestest of all, a kastle-trashin' partee! Woohoo! Remember all this begins on Friday, May 27 and continues throo Sunday, May 29. We is goin' to do our bestest to wear out da beans! Heehee! We will keep yoo posted wif updates. We will haf plenty of accommodations and foods fur yoo. Check the Castle bloggie or dis bloggie fur updates.

Monday, May 23, 2011

More info 'bout us Nebbies!

Oh Hai All,
In Mombean's angst over the Bi-law deespoote ofurr the Russian Blue vs Russian, she forgotted to tell efurryone that she is now the ACFA Nebelung breed chair/contact purrson as of dis month (Mae 2011) . She has even written a somefun called a breed sinopsees for der webby site. You can find dat at the ACFA Nebelung webpage. She is not pleased that the tipe is soooo small. She will get that corrected. You can also link to the Nebelung standard from der as well. You will see a picky-chur of MOI on the Nebelung breed sinopsees page. What ya fink?? Doz you like my picky-chur??? Not all news is bad noos! Dis is a small piece of good noos!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Easy like Sunday morning

O hai! Today is nappin' day. Of koors, awl daes is nappin' daes. The other dae, we hadded nine, nine kitties on da bed wif two beans under da sheets. How is dat possibul? We haf furry cr-ate-tif ways in which we lay and share bed space. We akshully need about an acre of bed space. Dat wuld be ideal. We does what we can. I hopes yoo haf a restful dae.

Bee-lowe are examples of our sleepin' arrangements. Of koors, there may or may no be nine kitties on dee bed when da foto was taken.

I shuld men-shun dat no beans were in-kluded in da photos.

Alexi finds her own spot.

Cats sayin, "Morning, again?"

"No, beans. Yoo find yoo find your own spot."

Gearing up for the post prandial snooze.

"No way are we giving up our place for you."

Where dere's a space I will find it."