Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday thoughts

O hai! You beans out there. We haf a request. When using the hooman letterbox, please be careful when there are n-qui-sit-tif kittens arownd. They might want to n-vest-i-gate and fall in. I know. I saw it happen. It was not purty. Especially, when the kitten had to haf a baf afterwards. Please instruct your kitties about toywet hazards.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wednesday attitude adjustment

How come the smallest kitten in de house gets to sleep on Mombean's shoulder and I can't? Even though I'm at least twice as big, maybe three times as big as the kitten, I think I should share some equal time shoulder napping, don't you?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Toosday thoughts

Hi, all,

It is so good to hear from my furriends. I should let you know that I am a male Nebbie and I am trying to take charge in de castle. Da beans haf other idees. I am writing early and not all of us are awake as yet. Da Blu Cat Man goes to earn green papers soon, and Mombean got us new bafrooms. She goes to earn green papers, too.

Tell me, who decides de meowing order at your home. All de cats here want to be in charge but I'm very diplomatic and try to play wif efurryone. Maybe I should run for president. What is a president? I know how to set a president. Today we're hafting stinky goodness later dis morning.

Malachi, our littlest kitten meows and crawls all over Blu Cat Man and Mombean. He'd likes to whap Blu Cat Man's ears--he thinks they look weerd. Everyone else who's in the bedroom try to lay on de bed as it is de most comfy bed in de werld.

I haven't thought of a prize yet for the naming contest, but the deadline will be Good Friday, April 2.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hello world

Hi all! I am a Nebelung--like a long hair Russian. I live wif 'Lexi, Annie, Molly, Dani, Bug, and all all the rest in Krasota Castle.

This is my new bloggie. I haf decided to ha a kontest to name it. I need all yew fellow kats and woofies to help me name it. I will haf a prize for da winner.