Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Don't forget ......

the par-tay over at Alexi's bloggie! . There is LOTS of food and fun ! Really neat that Alexi is sharing her partay with those kitties who purrthday is TODAY!! SOOO hop on over to her blog and join the par-tay!!

Here iz a few of the yummy treats that await you over at her place.

Sah-mun- yummy!!

Milk! The bestest with purrthday cake !!

Purrthday cake- A CHEESE cake done kittee stile! Hehehehe!

Don't forget to drop by Alexi's purrfday party ! Look forward to seeing efurryone !


  1. We are heading over there right now!!
    Your TX furiends,

  2. Hi Galletta! We were over at Alexi's party earlier - you did a great job of keeping it a surprise! We were so excited that it was today because we just started to get to visit again yesterday - it was our first party since we have been back, and it was a great one!!

  3. Pawsome! Thanks for the reminder. We are heading over for the party now!!! :)


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