Sunday, March 27, 2011


O hai! I gotted to go owtside this past week. It was FUN. I laid in the grass. My feets felt ground rather than floors. I smelled smells I had not smelled before and just had FUNFUNFUN, as my friend Billy Sweetfeets says. I did not like the harness though. I did look like my breed name, Nebelung, "creature of the mist". Here is photographic evidence.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tummy Tuesday!

Oh Hai!
Twoday is Toosday. Time for tummy toosday! I thot I would share with my bewuved bloggy followers, the following pichures of my floofy tummy. Do I have the floofiest tummy in the Cat Bloggysfear? ENJOY!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Easy like Sunday morning

O hai! Yoo may recall that yesserday's photo hunter theme was ma-sheens. Well, da beens wended owt and traded their printer which they bought for one that will copy and scan. Amazingly, it was slightly less expensive than the furst one. Go figger.

Katie, who is becoming a tekno-cat like Alexi, has satted on it and has given it her seat of approval. We cannot wait until Alexi sees it. Doubtless some kitty will find it a good napping place. Here are some photos of the printer and Katie sitting on it.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Photo Hunter-Masheens!

Hey All,

Today's Photo Hunt is all about ma-sheens. Here are a few our favorite ma-sheens.

1) We liks our 4 Drinkwell pet fountains. They iz one of our favorite ma-sheens. The best part is the falling water from the spouts. We love to drink the falling water!

2) The new printer. It iz nice but it doesn't scan which is one feet-cher the beans wanted. SO it my go back to the store soon. No doubt we will learn to sit on it just as we did the old one.

3) A favorite masheen of the beans is the air purifier. They says it take all our stinkiness out of the air. Now why would they want to remove eau-du-chat ? Don't they luv us?

What are some your favo-rite ma-sheens?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'z weerd

Miles of the Meezertails was tagged talk about his weirdness. Then he invited others to blog about their weirdness. I'z going to talk about mine.

1. I haz dis thing about chasin' ofur cats. I do it 'acauze I luv dem.
2. I haz dis thing about wantin' to gif my beans luv bites. I do it 'accuse I luv them.
3. I haz dis thing about likin' Blu Cat Man's fur on da top o' hiz hed. I do it 'accuse I want to be a fur dresser.
4. I haz dis thing about visitin' furry cat and bean in da house. I also wants to be in da dip-lo-mat-ik cor.
5. I haz dis thing about likin' Blu Cat Man's noze. I do it 'accuse its dere.
6. I haz dis thing about retrieving things thrown. I do it when I wants to. I'm trying to figger owt woofies.
7. I haz dis thing about kneading some pillows on the luv seat. They just feels so good!

I know that's seven but I'z weerd. I tags Cheysuli, Sammy, Alexi, Annie and Billy Sweetfeets.

Those are the six weerd things about me.