Saturday, September 2, 2017

Making a noo frend

O hai!  I met mai noo howsemate, Ilan,  on Turdsdae.  We performed the normal greeting ceremoni, not the strange ritual of shaking paws that da hoomans do.  Efurrycat knows that yoo must sniff a noo kitty's butt to be certain they will be your friend.  Later yoo must sniff dere butt in the future to bee sure dat's the same kitty and not an impostor.  Ai tink Ilan and Ai will bee gud frends.

Monday, August 28, 2017

We haf a noo member of da family

Deer friends, O hai. We at Krasota Castle are asking you to sai "hai" to our noo fambly member, Ilan. Ilan is faive months old. He is learning English and American cat languaige. All he seems to sai is "purr-rrr". Da beens sai he is sooper-friendly. I haf been sniffin' him. He smells like a cat and a friendly one to me. We all hope you like him as much as we do.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Mine letter to Santy Claws

Deer Santy Claws, Ai am writing (amazing isn't it) to find out if Ai wuz a gud boi dis yeer. I tried to bee-have for mai beans and also to get along with mine brofurs and sisfurs. It's hard when one of them thinks they are the queen the ruler of dee roost. She mai be older but I'm bigger and I'm smarter and I haf all mine teeths. If yoo think Ai was a gud boi and deserve presents, I wuld like to make mine requests known to yoo. Also, I haf the lists for mine brofurs and sisfurs. I even haf their dew claws up. Alexi wud like a noo bed, and a noo pent-house bed-room (the current one is stanky). Max wants more treets and toys. He also wants the recipe for niptinis and humidor of nip cigars. He wud also like a steam locomotive. Note pitchure below.
Maggie wud like nip candy, real live dead shrimp treats, a kitten doll, and a trash truck. Note pitchure below.
Stoli wud like nip cigars, brandy, a smoking jacket, and a mansion. Note pitchure below.
BJ wuld like stinky goodness with chick-hen prepared with temtayshuns as a side each day of January. And a limousine. Note pitchure below.
As for me, I wud like some temtayshuns, nip bourbon, a king size cuddler, and a combine. Note pitchure below.
Dat's it, deer Santy Claws. We is not aksing fur much. We will be happy wif whatefur you have. Oh, bring something nice for our beans, such as cat friendly home. Note pitchure below.
Merry Catmas, deer Santy Claws. We know you love us all, but I know I'm your favorite. Galletta *purr*

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Belated purrthdae partee for Alexi--to-dae!

Hey Mombean and Blu Cat Man,

Guess what yu forgotted!  How did you do dis.  It's our buddie on top of the cab-in-a-net.  We should haz a part-ee for her!  After all she is the oldester cat in da howsehold.  For mai buddies, here are some pictures.  Come over to-dae and nom some foods.

We is brakin' out da followin' treets:


lots of 'nip ceegars


Moar cake

Cake for da beans







Moar fishes

Below are photos of Alexi at various times

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Howse-trashin' partee!

O, hai!  To-dae we is haffin' a howse-trashin' partee!!! Mom-bean a.k.a. Mom-beam and Blu Cat Man  nearly forgotted mai purrthdae so efurryone is invited to trash dere howse.  We can swing from da sealing' fans, raid da fridgerfrator, and dere are plenty places to nap and den shred later. Dere will be dancing', too, so we expect da meezers.  We is haffin' da following' for ree-fresh-mints:


catnip (for niptinis)

nip cigars

more nip cigars


cheesecake with mousses




more tuna


nip brandy

more salmon



milk (for da kittens)

nip iced tea

real live ded shrimps



Y'all come.