Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Toesie Toosdae

O hai!  I haz a major mad.  My beans, Blue Cat Man and the "But, Mom" person, aka Mombean, like to plae with mai toesies.  Dey tickel dem and make me laff and mai toes spred apart.  How do I get dem to stop doing dat witowt putting the bitey on dem.  To-nite I gave Blue Cat Man a nip on da nose when he tried to snog mai face.  Any sujjestions?

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Teddie's Thots on Toosdae

I haz a sad 'accuse my friend, Galletta haz a major sad.  He'll tell you more abowt it.


I haz a very major sad as I found owt the creator of mai breed, the Nebelung, Cora Cobb, haz crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  Mai beans were very fortunate to meet her az wuz I.  She thot I waz a very handsome mancat. Heer is her obituary.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Mai wurst dae efur!!!!!

O hai.....today was the wurst dae of mai leif.  Mai dae was going extremely well until this afternoon when da beans decided I needed a b-a-t-h.   Ai spelled it to protect the sense-a- tiv ears of kittens.  Mai beans were ab-sew-loot-lee e-vul. They trimmed mai claws.  They putted me in the kitsch-en sink and gotted me all wet.  As my claws had been trimmed, I tried to gently put the bitey on them to get them to stop.  Den dey put blu dish dee-tur-gent on me but the de-tut-gent did not de-tur me from tryin' to get away.  It was awful.  They sailed nice things then mean things.  After rinsing me, the put more of sum thing they called sham-poo on me.  It was a sham, all rite.  After soapin' me up and rinsing, the picked me up and put a towl on me a-and called me dere baby.    Then they put me in a trans-porter and had a loud machine blowing warm air in it--supposed to dry me.  Mombean combed me and said how nice and purty I was.   Yeah, right.   They efen tooked photos of me.  They are below.  Shameful beans!  Why?  Oh, yeah.  They said it was fur the cat show.

Some of the stuff they used to b-a-t-h-e me

Poor me.

Get me outa here!

Some of my lovely floof they gotted off me.

This is a way to dry me!

I am handsome, but I did not need a bath to know that.

I'm dis-gus-ted wif yoo!

What do you think?  Am I more handsome?

Teddy's Thursdae Thots- goin' to a cat show!

Hiya,  Mombeam and Blu Cat Man are takin' me to a cat show wif Galletta.  They say it's fun.  I was in one when I was liddle.  Galletta has been in several shows.  Looky what he just gotted.

This show will be in a place called Spartanburg.  It's in South Carolina.  We're going to be in what da beans call the "Parade of Breeds".  Any suggestions on how I should behave?  

Right now, I'm in the d-o-g house 'acause I knocked down a breakable.  Oops.  Sorry, Mombean.

Oh, by the way here are more  photos of a cat show wif Galletta being judged (he's such a ham).

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Teddy's Thursdae Thots

Hai-ya!  It's me, Teddy.

It's amazin' how much our beans liked the noo flor.  We likes it, too as beans can make our bouncy toys bouncy haier and furtherer than before.  We do liek dey do.  Lay on deer nest and look at da floor.  You'd think they hadded nefur seen one.

Galletta looks like he's just layin' and looking out da window doesn't he?