Sunday, January 23, 2011

Easy like Sunday morning

O hai! I wishes to repurrt that I am a big mancat (but yew knew that, didn't yew?) Our beans were gone out-of-town from Thursday to yesterday. Dey tole us dey wentted to a place called Charleston to a kon-fur-inch. They also tole us it was furry ed-u-cat-shun-al. They gotted home and went strait to dere bed. We all piled on top of deem so dat dye won't go anywhere tooday. We is gladded they are home and want them to stay for awhile. Below are photos where they wentted while they was in Charles-ton.

This is the restaurant where they ated Saturday lunch.

Below is where they ate dinner on Thursday nite.

This is where the conference was held. They said it was furry furry good.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Easy like Sunday morning

O hai! Today we is taking it easy like Sunday morning' 'acause it is Sunday morning'. Makes me wish I had a 'toona sundae rite nao. That's gonna be my dream today. I also recommend this Nebelung rool: Let sleepin' cats lay.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ten question Tuesday

Okay, Alexi says I gets to ask the ten queskshuns. Here dey are:

1. What is your opinion of snow? I think it's grate. I wants to go out in it but Blu Cat Man and Mombean won't let me.

2. What would you do if you went out in it? I'd build a snow cat and a snow bean--my way.

3. Do yew watch your beans out in it? Yes. I fink dere funny.

4. Do yew watch for other animals such as birdies and woofies in da sno? Yes. I've yet too see any, tho my beans report seeing them.

5. What do yoo fink sno is? I don't know--I just hope it's not dandruff.

6. Have yew seen yoor bean slip and slide in da sno? Not yet.

7. What do yoo fink dey're doing when dey throe snowballs at each other? I finks its similar to sending love notes.

8. Where does the snow go when it goes away? Hopefully it goes in my water dish. I likes cold water.

9. Do you fink vishus deer like snows? Yes. Dey jump in da stuff.

10. Do you likes to play in da snow? Not bin out in it to kno, really.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow and kitten update!

O hai! Sorree we hasn't blogged in awhile. We hadded snow today. Did you? Some of us had not seen snow since Chrissymouse. We found it interesting.

Our beans tell us that we drive them to drink. They should know better than to drink and blog.

Notice that da beans had some furry ornaments this past Christmas. I taught them well. We liked the lighted cat tree.

All the kittens haf gone to their furr-efur homes. Here's some recent photos.