Sunday, May 22, 2011

Easy like Sunday morning

O hai! Today is nappin' day. Of koors, awl daes is nappin' daes. The other dae, we hadded nine, nine kitties on da bed wif two beans under da sheets. How is dat possibul? We haf furry cr-ate-tif ways in which we lay and share bed space. We akshully need about an acre of bed space. Dat wuld be ideal. We does what we can. I hopes yoo haf a restful dae.

Bee-lowe are examples of our sleepin' arrangements. Of koors, there may or may no be nine kitties on dee bed when da foto was taken.

I shuld men-shun dat no beans were in-kluded in da photos.

Alexi finds her own spot.

Cats sayin, "Morning, again?"

"No, beans. Yoo find yoo find your own spot."

Gearing up for the post prandial snooze.

"No way are we giving up our place for you."

Where dere's a space I will find it."


  1. That is one primo napping spot! And no room for the beans!! Happy Sunday!

  2. No room for beans! Kitteah only!
    PURRS2U =^_^=
    Bengal Trio

  3. An acre-big bed...Mommy says we'd crowd her out no matter what, and looks like you guys would do the same!

  4. Look like you guys have The big nap pawsty here : )


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