Sunday, March 27, 2011


O hai! I gotted to go owtside this past week. It was FUN. I laid in the grass. My feets felt ground rather than floors. I smelled smells I had not smelled before and just had FUNFUNFUN, as my friend Billy Sweetfeets says. I did not like the harness though. I did look like my breed name, Nebelung, "creature of the mist". Here is photographic evidence.


  1. OMC pawsome! I can't wait to go outsides again. Is too colds here yet tho. PURRS2U
    Luna & Zulu

  2. Wow, I don't get to go out so I will look forward to your tours!!!

  3. Aren't you a lucky cat to have such an adventure.

  4. How nice you got to go outside even if you did hafta wear a harness. It's still waaaay too cold here to go outside! RATS!!


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