Thursday, July 25, 2013

Mai wurst dae efur!!!!!

O was the wurst dae of mai leif.  Mai dae was going extremely well until this afternoon when da beans decided I needed a b-a-t-h.   Ai spelled it to protect the sense-a- tiv ears of kittens.  Mai beans were ab-sew-loot-lee e-vul. They trimmed mai claws.  They putted me in the kitsch-en sink and gotted me all wet.  As my claws had been trimmed, I tried to gently put the bitey on them to get them to stop.  Den dey put blu dish dee-tur-gent on me but the de-tut-gent did not de-tur me from tryin' to get away.  It was awful.  They sailed nice things then mean things.  After rinsing me, the put more of sum thing they called sham-poo on me.  It was a sham, all rite.  After soapin' me up and rinsing, the picked me up and put a towl on me a-and called me dere baby.    Then they put me in a trans-porter and had a loud machine blowing warm air in it--supposed to dry me.  Mombean combed me and said how nice and purty I was.   Yeah, right.   They efen tooked photos of me.  They are below.  Shameful beans!  Why?  Oh, yeah.  They said it was fur the cat show.

Some of the stuff they used to b-a-t-h-e me

Poor me.

Get me outa here!

Some of my lovely floof they gotted off me.

This is a way to dry me!

I am handsome, but I did not need a bath to know that.

I'm dis-gus-ted wif yoo!

What do you think?  Am I more handsome?


  1. You'll always be handsome, bath or no bath.

    The Paw Relations

  2. Well, we're sorry you got a bath...but you do look pretty handsome there!. Good luck at the show!

  3. you look furry handsome for the cat show! we hopes you win! do you haf to do a talent and bathing suit part?

    Bafs are the werst


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