Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happee Indeepend-ence Dae!

O hai! I so happee that too-dae is Indeepend-ence Dae.  Too-dae, mine beans will put up their new flag.  Mae-be I'll get a treat.  Yay!!!  To-dae is mine furst dae blogging in ages.  I will try to do bedder.  Everybuddy be safe, and beans be sensitive to us who might be scared of big bangy things and lights in da skye.  Be-low is mine plans for da dae.


  1. Happy Independence Day Dear Galleta! Haves a wonderful floofy nap... purrz, da floofy boys of Katiez Furry Mewz,

    Sammy and Toeby.

  2. A good way to spend any day, Galletta, but especially a hot, noisey day with all kind of bangs and booms. Enjoy.

    PS: Do you know you have Draedded Word Verifify on?

  3. Happy Independence Day to you! Purrs!


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