Monday, July 8, 2013

Teddy's Toosdae Thots

O hai!  I wuld veddy much like to introduce a noo voice to my bloggie,  mai gud friend, Teddy!  Teddy is one of mai gratest frends.  He will be posting on Toosdaes and he will repurrt on whatever seems ap-pro-pee-eight.

Hai, all I'm Teddy.  O-kai, it's Teodor Sascha but anyway......  my mudder is Mews de Kartier and my daddy is Herbie Love Bug, Alexi's son.  Here is a photo of my beee-u- tee-fool self. 

We are having a good time, Galletta and I.  We are grate pals. A pic of us big man cats doing what we luv betstest- chillaxin' on da bean's bed!

Look for more posties from Teddy on Toosdaes efurry week. Until next Toosdae...... purrs and headbumpies to efurryone!


  1. We LOVE this ... chillaxin' on da bean's bed, indeed! Fantastic!!

    Grace & Company

  2. Hello Teddy. You sure are a cute/handsome mancat!

  3. How handsome you are, Teddy! Happy to meet you. We look forward to hearing more about what's going on in that gorgeous head of yours. Purrs....


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