Friday, May 27, 2011

It's Mallory's and Olivia's purrfday

O hai! Wel-cum to the partee! To-dae as yoo kno, we iz cellybratin Olivia's purrfdae. Mallory's purrfday is being celebrated at the Kastle Cats bloggie. Don't ferget to go dere, too!!!
Here is the puurthday girl! Lovely Olivia who gist turned three years old!!

On to the part-tay! FOODS!
Here is part of the buffet spread ! YUMMY !!
Take a plate and dig in ! There will be plenty of
food and drinks here at da Castle.

Roasted lamb! For all us carneevors! YUM-O!

Real live ded shrimps!! Totally yummy!

Baked whole Sah-mun !!

Loin of Tooon-ah! Extra YUMMY!

We have nip brandy for us gentelmen cats.
Ladies can enjoy a nip mar-teen-i,

Or they, or anee-one else may enjoy other types of mar-teen-i of dere choice.

Youngsters haf milk.

We also haf iced tee wif a refreshing bit of mint or sassafrass (try saying dat three times fast).

Is not this the KEWL EST puurthday cake around?? We luv the cheese and meeces!
Sorry, no toasting Olivia. She iz too young!!

We haf cat trees! YEAH!

Once exhausted from playin, we haf lots of places for yew to bed down for da week-end.

We is so glad yoo is heer!


  1. The happiest of birthdays to you, Olivia! We're set to party with both you and Mallory. :-)

    We have fresh nip from our garden to share and lots of Temptations, so we'll bring those!

    Let's party! :-D

  2. Happy Birthday!! Let's get this party started!

  3. Hi Olivia! Happy Birthday! What a great party you are having too! We just came from Mallory's - boy, betweeen the foods there and drinks here we are going to be stuffed today! We brought some nip for this party too - we hope you enjoy it!!

    We of course have to sing you our favorite birthday song too!!

    What day is today?
    It's Olivia's Birthday!!
    What a day for a Birthday!
    Let's all have some cake!

    We hope you have a wonderful, fun, treat filled Birthday!!

    (So you know this is Amy & The House of Cats - we still can't use our blogger login to comment at some places, so we have to use our OpenID)

  4. happy Birthday, Olivia. We stopped by and found Mallory is celebrating on one blog and you on another. Twice the party, hehehe.

  5. Woohoo! Happy birthday, Olivia! We are throwing our paws all in the air and waving them around like we just don't care! :)

  6. Happy PurrfDay, Olivia! You are a GORGEOUS three. We brought some live moths to play with in the house...they are a blast! Wow, your humans did good with the spread, a whole sammin! YUM!

  7. Hey efurrybuddy! The beans are ready for bed and ha locked the door. So whoeffur is in da Castle is spending the night. Sleep well,all. Katie's kitten shower is tomorrow afternoon.


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