Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The weekend egg-strav-a-gain-za

O hai! As yoo kno, we is plannin' a big weak-end of celly-brakin' of Mallory's purrfday, a kitten shower for Katie and her babies (I did not kno kittens liked showers, did yoo?), and, bestest of all, a kastle-trashin' partee! Woohoo! Remember all this begins on Friday, May 27 and continues throo Sunday, May 29. We is goin' to do our bestest to wear out da beans! Heehee! We will keep yoo posted wif updates. We will haf plenty of accommodations and foods fur yoo. Check the Castle bloggie or dis bloggie fur updates.


Hai! I luvs comments! Purrs and headbumpies to you!!