Saturday, March 12, 2011

Photo Hunter-Masheens!

Hey All,

Today's Photo Hunt is all about ma-sheens. Here are a few our favorite ma-sheens.

1) We liks our 4 Drinkwell pet fountains. They iz one of our favorite ma-sheens. The best part is the falling water from the spouts. We love to drink the falling water!

2) The new printer. It iz nice but it doesn't scan which is one feet-cher the beans wanted. SO it my go back to the store soon. No doubt we will learn to sit on it just as we did the old one.

3) A favorite masheen of the beans is the air purifier. They says it take all our stinkiness out of the air. Now why would they want to remove eau-du-chat ? Don't they luv us?

What are some your favo-rite ma-sheens?


  1. Nice collection of ma-sheens, especially the printer. We hope you had time to sit on it before it goes back to the store. We agree on the air filter ... we have three of them in our house.

  2. I think I only have least favorite machines! But we do like to turn on our lamp...


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