Thursday, July 1, 2010

July 1-- a furry important day at the Catsle!!!

I's so proud it is Canada's Day today. Happy purrfday! I came from Canada, specifically Nova Scotia. I am glad to be an American cat but I won't forgot my Canadian roots. "O Canada..."

***Katy kitten says, "Galletta, you crazy!"***

Today is also Blu Cat Man's brofur's birfday!!! Happy purrfday, brofur of Blu Cat Man!!

Also, all of us at the Catsle want to say thank you for the purrayers and good wished for Mombeam. She's home from the hooman v-e-t where she spent the night after hafting her thighroyd removed. We luvs you Mombeam!!!


  1. Our human lived in Halifax for 16 years, before moving to Ontario, so that's pretty cool that you came from a Nova Scotia breeder. :-)

    Lots of purrs to your mom...our human had half her thyroid removed many years ago when she was quite young, no problems since (knock on wood!), though she takes synthroid. We wish your mom a speedy recovery!

  2. Happy Canada Day to you! And happy birthday to your uncle!

    I'm glad your mom is home, and I hope she feels much better soon.


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