Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ten Questions on Toosday!

Hi All,
Mombean is allowing me to play TenQuestion on Toosday too. I fink it is so much fun. Don't forget you can play along too.

11. Indoor or outdoor pet? Indoor
12. Does your pet have a nickname? Yes, Mr. G, G boy, G man (sometimes the beans call me Purvis! weerd)
13. Describe your pet in 7 words or less: Handsum, sweet, cuddly, very playful, friendly, but not the brightest bulb.
14. Is they like a member of the family? Definitely!
15. What kinds of toys does your pet play with? Anyfing I can retrieve! Balls (crinkle balls and balls with bells), mice (cat-nip filled mice and regular mice), and fevver teaser wands like Da Bird, pretty much anything, and everything.
16. Be honest…do you play with your pet’s toys?NO! we play wif them together.
17. What is their favorite toy? ANYFING I can retrieve.
18. Does your pet have a favorite napping spot? Not really, any where I can stretch out is just fine.
19. Does your pet have an interesting sleeping position? I luv to nap stretched out on my back. see pic below

20. Has your pet ever been really sick? No, I am a healthy boy.


  1. We're enjoying these! We read Alexi's too, just didn't leave a comment.

  2. So fun - we are going to have to try that ourselves!! It sounds like your toy selection is very similar to the stuff we all like too!!

  3. Those were some good answers!! I love sleeping on my back too...mom says I'm airing out my bits!


  4. Purvis? We demand an explanation! heh heh. It's Ok, Mommy calls us strange stuff too, like Mister Suspicious (Felix) and Olde Grizz (The Baby).

  5. Melvin Purvis was a famous "G Man" ie FBI agent from the state of South Carolina. Hence the name Purvis.



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