Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ten keqshuns on Thursday!

Here are keqshuns 31-40 of the original 52 which I will answer! (Blu Cat Man said I could!)

31. Has your pet won any awards!

Yesss!!! I have received notification dat I am da bestest Nebelung alter internationally in TICA. (De fact dat I am da only one makes no difference!)

32. Where is your favorite place to nap?

I likes to lay on da bed or doorways on my back!

33. What does your pet do that makes you laugh?

I likes to retrieve things and dat makes mah beans laff.

34. What is your favorite way to spend time with your pet?

I likes to lie near my beans and dey love to stroke my belleh and mah head. I put da bitey on deer fingers, hands, and toes but not too hard.

35. Who takes care of your pet when you are away?

Beans haff furriends who come to take care of us.

Random fact about your pet?

I'm da biggest cat they haff in da house.

37. Any special talents?

Mah beans luff to see me retrieve and be friendly whiff da other kitties.

38. What do you give them for a treat?

Da beans gibs us Greenies treats and dried salmony.

39. What is their favorite type of “people food”?

I'm not too fond of beans' fud.

40. Do you have more than one pet?

Yes, dere's more than one bean in da howse.


  1. We love your answers! But our favorites are that you retrieve things (some of us love to do that too) and that you have more than one bean in the house as a pet!!

  2. Having a "one of a kind" award is the bestest. You don't have to worry about ties and stuff.

  3. Dried salmony? That sounds yummy!

    We like your just how many pets do you have? MOL!

  4. two too many. We kittehs should have the house to ourzelfs.


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