Sunday, July 18, 2010

Easy like Sunday morning and ponderin'

Yoo kno, dose beans of mine do silly things. Dey like to go to baseball games. What's baseball? We'll I've bin studyin' up da subjekt and I tink it's game da beans play where dey run around a circle, sort of, after hittin' da ball wif a stik. Dere are two groups of teams, one hittin' da bawl and one tryin' to catch it and throw at da runner who hit da ball. How do dey katsh it? Wif deer mowth? Dat wuld be funny. Anyway here's a link to dere favrit teem da Florence Red Wolves.


  1. We think humans like the strangest things...we just don't understand it...

  2. We can't imagine doing anything that didn't involve treat motivation...except maybe napping and catnip. Beans are weird.


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