Sunday, June 13, 2010

Furry Fighter Day!

This post is dedicated to a furry spechul Siameeze kitteh named Stormie.
While I neffur knew Stormie, Alexi tolded me how spechul she was and suggested I do a post about her.

Stormie was a furry spechul kith that was loved by her mombean and sisfur. She developed Feline Lymphoma and waz dia nosed in December 2006. She fought the good fight for about 18 months until she passed away. Her mombean has an entire website dedicated to this furry spechul lady cat. Her mombean still lovers her and misses her furry, furry much.

For Stormie, "the strife is over, the battle is done".

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  1. What a nice tribute, Galletta. We miss Stormie too. We weren't blogging back then but we were reading along with her fight.


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