Sunday, April 1, 2012

Easy like Sunday-Palm Sunday edition

Today is Palm Sunday.  Our beans are off to the steeple place shortly.  We will stay home and purr for those who are sick and in mourning.  We will also take our usual Sunday afternoon nap.  Some of us will be out on the porch.  Here are some pictures us napping in various places:

Efurrybody have a good day doing whatefur it is you enjoy doing!


  1. Those are good napping spot.

    Have a good, easy Palm Sunday.

  2. We will say some from words from the 1928 Book for Annie. We lost a 20 year old tortoise-shell, Maine Coon cat about 4 years ago. She still makes her presence known, always in a positive way, but it was quite a loss when she declined quickly and died. She never complained. She would go on the longest walks with us without a second thought. A really noble life-gift.

    We shall remember Annie here at our place in on the face of the Sierra Madre, especially to-morrow night with the bigger moon.


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