Sunday, March 18, 2012

O hai!  Dis past week, I spent several days mai buddie, Teddy.  He is a good cat and luvs his romps about da howse.  O, I also saw my homies, Midnight, A.J., and B.J.  Midnight and I haf sumo wrestling matches and he is so big dat he frytens me.

O, I must report dat Mia our 6 month old kittens is a mess.  She always beats me to da toys when da beans
throw dem.

Dad Blu Cat Man is a whack job.  I accompany him when he's bathing and he always gifs me a shower.  He does luvs me up.  Mom bean always luvs me.  She makes room for me on da bed.

I will try to post photos later.  Come see me!


  1. Hi Galletta! It sounds like you've been having some fun!! Happy Sunday!!

  2. It sounds fun to spend time with your bud! YEAH.

  3. Keep having lots of fun, but watch out for that shower thingy.

  4. How cool the you got to see your friends and have some fun with Mia and your Dad!!! It's good to know you get lots and lots of loving too ;) heehee

    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ


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