Thursday, February 17, 2011

Annual Purr-fur-mance revue 2010

O hai! It is time for the annual purr-fur-mance revue of my beans. I am sorree to say that they haf not bin up to the minimum stand-yards which I and the other cats expect of dem. I suspect that it's 'acause dye walk on two legs. That is da beginning of dere trubles.
Any way here is da rest of da revue.

Review of: Blu cat man and Mombean
Date: 2-18-2011
By: Galletta the Great

1.Quantity of output: Has your purr-son posted to your blog daily to give you maximum exposure world-wide and make you famous?

The answer to that is "no." They post occasionally when they take me to cat shows and when I do something cute. I do cute things to make them take photos of me and post it on my blog. Golly, I'd do it myself if I had opposable thumbs! One swipe.

2.Quality of output: Are you, as snoopervisor, satisfied with your purrsons choice of photos and words: the creativity, imagination, truth, fun and general interest in your postings?
When they do post under my snoopervision, generally, it's fun, interesting, imaginative, and does a satisfactory job of making me look good. It's not difficult when one already looks good! One paw

3.Client pawticipation: Does your purrson provide you sufficient ways for your fans to contact you and you to contact them?
That's difficult to do when the quantity of PR (purrblic re-lay-shuns) opurr-tuna-ties are lacking. For Bast's sake, I give them one can of stinky goodness a month and all the loose floof they would ever need! One swipe.

4.Pawticipation (part II): Does your purrson allow you to take part in fun blog world special events, parties, contests, and more?
No! Occasionally, I am permitted to take part, but, it's not like it used to be. At least that's what Alexi tells me. "We're too busy," we're told. Sheesh. Two swipes

5.Client satisfaction: Are your friends purringly contented with what they see and read on your blog?
I am not sure. I think it is because they do not know I am out in the blogosphere and at cat shows and on the bed, fast asleep. I blame da beans. Two swipes.

6.Overall rating, comments, and suggestions for improvement:
I haf talked about this wif Alexi, and others in Krasota Castle. I haf suggestions for improvement (dat's a long word for a kitty) the rating is seven (7) swipes (one is to grow on).
As for improvement, my suggestion is for da beans to GET WIF DA PROGRAM! I will even try to find more cat food for them. To be fair, they do scratch me and pet me. I am not unfeeling and I do love a little caress and hug, now and then. I think they need help. I will see what I can do for them. Right now they're on the cusp of doing better and doing werse. I do not want that.
I think da beans can do more. My projekt next year is to work wif dem.

Submitted for filing,

Galletta the Great


  1. You are tough on your purrsons...we hope they improve to your standards!!

  2. A very tough, but thorough review. You'll definitely need an increase in the amount of treats, stinky goodness, and crunchy goodness that you receive.

  3. Hi Galletta! Wow, you were tough on your people, but we think you were fair! Our mom isn't doing to great either - look how late we are in stopping by! And she hasn't even posted her review yet!


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