Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ten question Tuesday

Okay, Alexi says I gets to ask the ten queskshuns. Here dey are:

1. What is your opinion of snow? I think it's grate. I wants to go out in it but Blu Cat Man and Mombean won't let me.

2. What would you do if you went out in it? I'd build a snow cat and a snow bean--my way.

3. Do yew watch your beans out in it? Yes. I fink dere funny.

4. Do yew watch for other animals such as birdies and woofies in da sno? Yes. I've yet too see any, tho my beans report seeing them.

5. What do yoo fink sno is? I don't know--I just hope it's not dandruff.

6. Have yew seen yoor bean slip and slide in da sno? Not yet.

7. What do yoo fink dey're doing when dey throe snowballs at each other? I finks its similar to sending love notes.

8. Where does the snow go when it goes away? Hopefully it goes in my water dish. I likes cold water.

9. Do you fink vishus deer like snows? Yes. Dey jump in da stuff.

10. Do you likes to play in da snow? Not bin out in it to kno, really.


  1. SNO IS FUN!!! - Billy

    NO IT'S NOT!! - Sammy, Nicky and Miles

  2. The best way we like snow is watching it from inside!!

  3. Hi Galletta! We are sorry we are late coming by - mom is all crazy lately and can't get our visiting done! We think those are great answers - but we think you are a little crazy to want to play in the snow - snow is WATER dude! It gets you wet like having to take a bath (and not a tongue bath). But it is fun to watch it fall down, and we do love really cold water to drink! We think your answers were fun!


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