Sunday, September 19, 2010

Birthday, you call this a birthday??!

Hello everycat,

I want you to know that my beans forgotted mine birfday on Saturday!!! Mombean wented away, and Blu Cat Man didded the laundry for dere furs, and loaded up some suitcases!!! Den dey took Katy kit, Teddy, and me away in dese carriers !! They were small and uncomfy and I hadded to share mine wif Teddy.

We wounded up at a cat show, of all fings. There I was handled, prodded, stroked, stared at and carried around a lot. I did not like it at all. The only good thing about it was that I gotten three ribbons--didn't get to play wif dem--AND DAT"S ALL I GOTTED FOR MINE BIRFDAY!!!! Sheesh!!! The pictures are above. Da beans haf dis idea that I enjoyed it because, as always, I always behave at dese cat shows.

I do thank the Blogosphere for remembering mine birfday, even if da beans didn't!!!

By da way, should I do something to show my beans how unhappy I was??? Mombean says I just did do somefing.


  1. Galletta, Mombean says you just did!!

  2. Oh Happy Birthday, Galletta! We think it's cool that you got 3 ribbons. But your beans should let you play with them since they are yours, after all!!

  3. Happy Belated Purrthday, Galletta! Wow, three ribbons! That's wonderful and so very well deserved! Too bad you didn't get to play with them though.

  4. Concats on your ribbons! BTW, it's never too late to celebrate your b-day. We suggest you demand treats and nip and presents!

  5. One word: POOT!

    And we are proud of you winning ribbons and working so hard on your Birthday!

  6. Oh we are sorry that the beans forgot your Birthday Galletta! That stinks! We are behind so we have to say Happy Belated Birthday - we hope that they make it up to you somehow, with like yummy treats and stuff!!

  7. Happy Belated Birthday Galletta!!! Congrats on your ribbons too :)
    We think you should be given the royal treatment!! Lots of treats,toys and scritches!!!!!!heehee
    YAR!! Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  8. A very belated birthday greetings from us. Many congratulations on the ribbons. Hope you got lots of treats, new toys, and stuff.


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